Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SLTCFI: A Major Partner of Embarcadero's IT Park

Embarcadero which is accredited by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority as an economic tourism zone is a major seafront commercial and IT development in the city of Legazpi. It is projected to become the prime destination for local and international tourists alike.

Aside from the much anticipated commercial hub of Embarcadero, the P1.8-billion IT Park Promenade which will be the very first IT ecozone in the Bicol region heightened the excitement of every Legazpe├▒o as it promises better employment opportunities not just among the city locals but for many Bicolanos as well.

Among the private sectors that strongly supports Albay's very own IT park is Southern Luzon Technological College Foundation Inc. (SLTCFI) -- an IT school in Legazpi City which has been operating facilities for outsourced services for years already. With the strong leadership of SLTCFI’s President and CEO Rosemarie Q. Rey, the institution became a trusted partner for various United States-based business process outsourcing (BPO) firms. The institution also provides training for various Information Communications Technology (ICT) enabled services.

According to Rey, SLTCFI will be one of the locators in Embarcadero’s IT Park, along with around three other BPO firms still under negotiation. The school will be posting three accounts in Embarcadero: One for a financial account for an Australian company, another for an outsourced web development, and a call center for a foreign telecoms firm. Aside from these, SLTCFI is already hosting accounts that deals web programming, web marketing, and web copywriting.

In an interview for the Philippine Daily Inquirer dated November 10, 2008, Rey said: "What we want is when the locators come, we will already have a trained pool of manpower. And we're not limiting ourselves to call centers. We're also familiar with backroom operations and other technical needs of the e-commerce industry."

Among the highly trained group of students and young professionals for online marketing facilitated by SLTCFI is Alexander Osias. The trainings and employment opportunities provided for by SLTCFI made Osias thankful because he no longer needs to go to Manila and work far from his wife and child. In an interview for the Philippine Daily Inquirer last November 10, 2008, Osias expressed excitement about the Embarcadero prospect saying: "Legazpi City is starting to come alive. We no longer need to try our luck in Metro Manila to earn enough. Now, what we can earn in the province is enough for our family's daily needs, without having to leave them behind."

Sandra Balderama, a graduating Computer Science student from SLTCFI is also among those enthusiastic about the Embarcadero IT Park. Having been given opportunities by the school to train for programs like web marketing and call center competency, Balderama sees a bright future ahead of her here in Legazpi City.

With the dedication and hard work of the local government of Legazpi that partners with institutions like SLTCFI, more opportunities will be opened for Albayanos and a steady progress for the province will soon be realized.

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